I need some advice please, I'm so confused?

I'm 31 years old and i know 2 girls in my life they both likes me (love me) and they both wanna be with me, i'm not that kind of guys who would be with both of them at the same time but i'm a bit confused need some expert advice who to choose from them,
1- She is pretty, curves body so hot, promise me to have my best nights in my life, on the other hand she is not smart all she think of is playing dancing and have fun no more, she is 28.
2- She is not pretty, slim body doesn't talk about sex more than 2 mins per day, she is so smart preparing her PhD , so decent and kinda rich, she is 26
how to choose now i'm so confused , when i'm gonna be with one of them i'll not hurt the other for sure will tell her in a good way.


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  • If i was 5 id say play eeny meeny miny mo but im not so im sorry the choice isn't as easy as that XD My first instinct is that you are only considering them because of the supposed emotional attachment towards you. Its flattering yes, but are you truly prepared to spend more time with them than you need to? whats best for you hun because although there are two options presented to you, doesn't mean that there isn't door number 3, especially when you are ready to admit their faults that may or may not annoy you later on in a relationship. However IF you MUST pick one, id (if i was a guy) go for the one with the brains because seriously you are judges by the people you surround yourself with and while im certain girl #1 is a nice girl and all, sometimes having someone that you can talk to is about as good as having sex (cliche but again im not a guy so i can't really comment on that fact) and whatever you decide, someone is gonna be hurt, its just the way love triangles work.


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  • If by being with her you mean spending the rest of your life or even a large chunk of it committed to her, monogamously off-course, and sharing financial and emotional aspect of life in pair together, then I'd recommend to take whichever who is willing to be responsible and rational. I wouldn't say that the second girl looks certainly more promising than the first, but if she is intelligent enough to carry on with a PhD and look decent and such, she seems to be responsible and rational enough when it comes to sharing her life with you. And believe me, her talking less about sex doesn't mean she thinks less of it. It might be because of her decency from good upbringing, who knows, that prevents her from being sexually expressively.

    Basically, if you think of long-term relationship, try to look for the one who can carry on with your shared-life through all the difficulties life has to offer. Observe her qualities from all aspects---financial, emotional, intellectual etc.


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  • It sounds like you're looking for a serious relationship.

    So if you and I were having a beer together, and we were joking around laughing, I'd tell you this in half seriousness: pick the one you can tolerate the most.

    Which means: pick the one whose company you enjoy the most; whose conversations you enjoy the most; who uplifts you the most; etc.

    B/c I'll tell you this, if you're going to have a serious relationship with someone, you're going to be spending A LOT of time together. So that person shouldn't annoy you, should have interesting things to say and interesting observations to make, etc.

    So, let's be real. Why not tell girl #1 that you're not looking for anything serious with her--have some fun, wink wink, and then go after girl #2.

    CHEERS! : )

  • Its for you to decide yourself.


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