Are we broken up?

Thurday was my last day of school before i move so and my boyfriend me a pic that he did and then about 2 hours later school was over we hug and he was walking away and said i love you. Are we broken up?

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  • Not necessarily broken up. Are you moving house? If so, how far away? Or is it just to another school nearby? Long distance relationships are possible, but in all honesty, it probably won't last. My guess is that both of you will find new people before too long. This isn't what you want to hear, I know, but don't be too downhearted. There will be some hurt for a while, but the next guy won't be far round the corner.

    • And I agree with you on the chocolate cake!! Yum!!

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    • it does not have a cell and he does not have a oovoo or kik

    • Oh!! maybe you can only write. Doesn't have to be long letters, just to let each other know you are still together.

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  • I'm sorry, your boyfriend sent you a picture or what? Didn't you guys discuss what would happen when you moved? I'd ask him if I were you.


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  • It doesn't seem like it.

  • Did he say that you two were over? Doesn't seem like it. So no.

    • no he did not

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    • You two can make a Skype/Myspace/Instagram. And you can make a FB. Easy remedies. But that's your call.

      If you don't communicate, then you might as well consider the relationship over.

    • we are both 12 so i can not have a facebook and he can't give me his home cell

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