Serenade Yes or NO?

Just got off the phone with My friend Armando and his Wife
He seraneded her before he knew her
He saw her thought she was beautiful asked about her around his town and later that week sang to her...

He got a date with her, and have been together ever since. Now they are happily married.
I was telling him if you try to do that in the USA you would be arrested lol!
and the girl would think you are a creep...

SO how do GaGers feel about this
Would you like to be sereanded yes or no?
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  • WTF, weirdo, what are we in the 19th century?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would love to be serenaded! Although I'll probably be as red as a tomato when he's done, I think it would be sweet! And maybe later on down the line I'd return the favor.


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  • That's a really cute story.
    But no. I'd rather prefer the other way around.

    • Other way around?
      you serenade a man?

    • yeah... but in private because i'm too shy to sing in public, lol

    • awww this cute and awesome!
      i would love to be serenaded <3

      I sang in public to my ex gf in front of 100+ kids at HS lol!
      we were already dating but still lol!

  • yes! i would love to be serenaded! <3

  • I'd love it but privately please, haha.

  • Yes! top gun style lol

  • NOO WAYYY !!! if I guy sang to me if punch him in the face hahaha gayyyyyyt


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