How do I get privacy to tell her I like her?

Okay so there's this girl I like right, I've liked her for quite some time now.. Back in November I took her to homecoming and we had a great time. Though at that time I didn't know enough about her to ask her out. So now about 4 months of socializing later, we are great friends (not friendzoned) and I really like her, and I can tell she likes me back. I want to tell her how I feel in person, I think doing it over text is kinda lame, I really am not afraid of doing this, I know what to say, just how do I get her alone to tell her? Because whenever I see her its either at school or in a social setting, not really much privacy to tell her my feelings. Also what comes first, asking her to be my girlfriend (asking her out), or asking her out on a date

Thank you for your time, all responses are greatly appreciated!!!


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  • Well, first off ask to speak to her alone for a moment and then go for it.


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  • In school just write it on a note or something to her telling her to meet in the halls or something just be creative.


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