How do I become a hot guy?

Hey, so I'd like to become the hot guy women lust after. I've got a few things going for me; I'm 170 lbs at 8% bodyfat, I've got a good-looking face, I have good hygiene, etc. What other things can I do to become hot? The only obstacle I have is that I'm about 5'6-5'7 barefoot, and while I hate my height (and it'll probably be something I'll never really learn to accept about myself--I feel like I'm living in the wrong body), it isn't going anywhere, so I'm going to have to work around it. Anyways, I want to be the kind of guy women check out and make comments about with their girlfriends, or the kind of guy a woman would eagerly watch at a strip show.

What things could I do? Thank you.


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  • Post a picture of yourself, and I will help. Cause your gonna want a good haircut and all that.

    • Well, I don't want to post a picture, because most GaG users would recognize me, so what do you think I could do assuming I have everything else in check.

    • I don't know, message me a link? I'm pretty sure I don't know you.

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  • First of all, get some classy clothes if you don't already have them. A button down shirt (I think black looks good), some jeans you are going to keep nice, a simple white undershirt, a belt, maybe a tie and a casual jacket. Or really just whatever you need to wear to make yourself not look like a slob.

    Then you need to learn to walk. Watch these two videos:

    Then I'd recommend watching the rest of the tao of badass series on youtube by Josh Pelicier. He teaches men how to attract women by appearing more confident, how to attract attention to yourself without doing something petty or begging for it, and how to pick up women for dates, but does it in a respectful way that doesn't demean women or treat them like objects to be used.


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  • lol.
    well, working out might be a good start.

    • What makes you think I don't workout?

  • Volunteer.


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