When I asked her, she said "maybe".

OK, I just asked this girl out not too long ago. I asked her if she maybe wanted to come to my town and just walk around (I know, not much of a first date). when I asked her, she said "maybe". is that a good or bad sign? did she say maybe to try and buy herself time to get some plans so that she can't come? another thing, if she actually does come, what should I do? I don't have ANY experience with dating, so I'm a little clueless right now.


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  • First mistake, never use "maybe" when asking out a girl. It makes it appear you have no confidence. Instead say, "want to come for a walk with me?"

    Next, if you have the confidence for it and she says maybe again to you, twist it back on her and (in a joking manner) make fun of her for not being able to give you a simple yes or no. Google "cocky funny" and read about that technique. It can probably help you a lot.

    Lastly, plan some fun date ideas so you're never scrambling for what to do. You know your town better than I do, what is there fun to do? It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic, just fun. Mini golf? Go karts? Movie theatre? Park? Coffee? Pizza? etc

    • I didn't ask her to maybe come and walk around with me, when I asked her if she wanted to walk with me this weekend, she said maybe

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