How do I know if he's interested or not?

I feel like he's interested and he really acts like he is interested. He's told me he's looking for more than just sex too. But sometimes I'm a bit unsure. Like we were meant to meet tonight before he went to a friend's party, but he told me this morning that he might not be able to because of work. Then he suggested that he pop over in between meetings so that we could hang out (he works near where I live). He show up at the time he'd said he would, but text like an hour later just saying that he was sorry he got held up. I feel like he's playing me and everything he says and does is really calculated. But then when we're together it feels really genuine. I don't know whether to believe him about today or not. He seems like a nice guy, but I'm just waiting for him to prove he's actually an asshole like other guys, particularly as we met on Tinder. I mean we've been on 4 dates since we met last weekend and we text constantly. But I just don't know how I can tell if he's interested or if I'm being played? Is this my issue and I'm just reading too much into everything or is he playing me?


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  • Dont over analyze it just go with the flow it willl be clearer in the future


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