I want guys to want to Be in a relationship with me without aktually wanting to be in one myself?

I think i got a problem... so i have noticed that i always want/expect guys to want to date or/and be in a relationship with me without aktually wanting to be/do things myself. And I get really offeded if they dont want to. I want guys to want me for more then sex , but i dont really want to offer anything of myself or/andre work for IT so thats a functional relationship could Work. For example this guy that i kinda starter dating, dont want something serious, i got mad at him, but when i think about IT, i didn't really want to Work for IT or aktually have a relationship. .. i men im moving in 2 months, did i really expect him to Be interessted in seriously dating me? What wrong with me?


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  • Yeah

    *Disclaimer: the following statement will probably send you to tears or make you feel bad about yourself*

    You're a selfish bitch. Relationships are hard work from both sides

    • You're not telling anything New.

    • So it's my job to tell you something new?

      You know what your problems is: have the goddamn will to change it, stop expecting people to do everything for you

    • You're right... the "worst" part is that I wasn't raised this way... actually the oposit... NOW I feel bad...

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  • You're not the only one. Due to this reason, I currently am not trying to get into one. I have serious commitment issues. I'll admit it; I'm an attention whore. I feed off of knowing that guys want me and want to be with me even if I don't want anything serious or want to be with them. I'm not a "selfish bitch", though, as one person said in their opinions. I also know that relationships are hard work from both sides. That's why right now I'm not up for one.


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  • That's not the way it works have fun being alone the rest of your life.

    • Rightly said!

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    • Im a student and I dont live in the US so I dont have insurance

    • Talk to a parent or guardian

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  • That's not a rate feeling. I think people afraid if commitment feel that way bc even if they can't handle it everyone wants to be loved

    As long as you don't play people there's nothing to feel guilty about:)


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