First date off of tindr, he got super touchy feely, is this a bad sign per se? like he just wants to hook up?

spent 3 weeks talking on tindr, it was nothing serious, i wasn't even sure i was going to meet him, pure jokes. i mouth off when im hammered so i think i was pretty entertaining over text. we meet up, its EXTREMELY awkward, im not necessarily trying to get close to anyone because i might be leaving soon, in like a month or two. he doesn't know this. i almost bail on him because its a little weird after talking for so long-builds a fake sense of intimacy and closeness.

he told me he's shy in person but gets talkative as he relaxes

the conversation is stilted but goes along, its "ok" but like 30 minutes in, he starts slowly flirting with me, by an hour in he's super flirty, and by hour three he's pretty much all over me ( still respectfully) but you know, our legs were touching, leaning in, i think he held my hands for a sec.

im actually quite impressed on how he slowly increased the sexual tension over the span of time. he was a pro.

we're staring at each other, and he kisses me. we kiss a few times, get the bill and leave. he seems happy at the end of the date, but i also think its just general male ego of conquering a girl, like oh she likes me... that kind of deal.

we get to the subway, i dont know. i guess i just wanted to make out with someone for a few minutes ( i just stopped talking to my ex, so i almost need a rebound)... and he gets uh excited but stopped the kissing and went we'll hook up soon i say ok sure.

we leave. i watched him as he looked really deep in thought.

i haven't heard from him today although he has been on the site. i dont know what he's looking for. i think he's looking for someone to date.

im not necessarily looking to just hook up or do something casual OR something serious. im just feeling it as i go along.

is he just trying to sleep with me?
he wrote back that he spent the niight bar hopping with old friends and ended up working all day. now he's a zombie and hes' just going to bod., i dont know why i think he's lying. i feel like he went bar hopping with a chick got hammered with her, and slept with her

but is still talking to me as some kind of back up plan just in case plan a doesn't pan out. he didn't sleep with me because he knew he was seeing her the next night and that they would most likely do the deed.


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  • Isn't tinder supposed to be exclusively hook ups?

    • my friend got engaged off of it. went on dates for 3 months, said most of the dates were just boring.

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  • He could be, but unless you're super uncomfortable with him I think you're fine to just ride it out for now.

    • but he hasn't msged. wtf.

    • He sounds like a loser anyway. On to the next one.

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  • he's waiting for you to message him!

    • but he's SUPPOSED TO MESSAGE ME, he's the guy. although I've been initiating it all along. mostly because i didn't care and it was a joke

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    • he sounds like a real winner lol

    • i dont know what to do with him. ishouldnt have kissed him. usually they wantmore, so i dont see what the issue is.

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