Oh my god I need help ( boy troubles )?

So I met this really sweet, funny, smart, cute, adorable, romantic , awesome guy who I really liked !!! We chatted every day for hours on end ( even though we had a huge time difference: he was 7hours earlier than my time ) I would stay up late just so I could speak to him and that says a lot cause I really like sleeping hehe... I felt like we were really hitting it off... I Said all the right thing ( and so did he )... I even started to use his pic as a wallpaper on my phone... I don't know what happened but one day he just stopped talking to me so I asked why and he said he was sick those days and that he was better but then he stopped again so I decided to tell him how I felt about him. I told him everything ( I've never need so honest with anyone exept my bff )... He didn't even read the text... I send him a few other texts but he hasn't read then either... am I being too needy? Not needy enough? I really don't know please help me... I really like this guy...


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  • Well if he hasn't read the text yet that's okay right? how long has it been since you sent it? like you said he was ill and you have a huge time difference. Maybe its difficult for him to get time to reply right away (work/school) Id avoid sending him loads of texts though, wait for him to get back to you, or you will come off a little needy.

    • The last time we talked was on Wednesday ( 8th April )

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  • It sounds like he might have gotten bored with you. I'm so sorry but young guys do that. They'll give you all their attention until they met someone who they're more likely to actually have a physical relationship with or until they're bored with you. You shouldn't even try a long distance relationship until you're older then 18, even then only if you met in person. Honestly. I've tried, it doesn't work when you're young at all, it's hard to work when you're older too.

  • You already send him quite enough texts. He will read them eventually and if he is feeling the same , I am sure that he will tell you. If you start sending him tons of texts the only thing you will accomplish is to push him away. You did your part , now you should wait for him to reply. The ball is on his court. He might want to take his time thinking about it or he is super busy (it happens). If he really likes you and wants you he will make sure you know. Just be patient , give him some time and don't rush things unless you want to drive him away. There is no need for further contact from you. Let him reach you :) I wish you the best!


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