No contact all day = not thinking about me?

I know there are endless questions about why guys stop texting/calling so I'll just limit mine to this specific issue.

Dating for 9 months. He used to call and text consistently during the day but over the past month he has stopped. He replies if I contact him and we spend almost every day together. Yes I understand it's normal for texting to slow down over time once the guy has gotten you and is now comfortable, yes I understand that he might be busy at work during day time or his phone died or he's asleep or whatever hundreds of other excuses anyone can make up.

I'm not asking if this means he wants to break up because I assume if he did, he would just do it. I'm just wondering whether this means he's not even thinking of me. Doesn't he wonder how my day has been? Or if I'm even alive? I mean - how would you even know if I'm dead or alive if you don't bother to text/call? I always care so that's why I contact him so if he's not contacting me all day and night, does that mean I'm basically just not on his mind at all?


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  • listen... don't be disappointed. It doesn't necessarily mean like that but you have to stop being so desperate. it is okay to be desperate but only sometimes. And here i see, you are the despo one... and once the guys see that a girl is being desperate for him, he sees that it' very easy to get her. So, he stops worrying about her. But don't you worry, stop sending him texts and let her get to you first and then act casual as if nothing happened. :D Good luck!


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  • I'm not a guy but I have always wondered about that too (when you text a guy and he does not text back) I'm interested what some guys have to say.

    • Mm my situation is a bit different because my guy always texts me back. I'm more just wondering why he doesn't initiate

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