Is it me or him?

K so here's how it went. We went out for 6 months. When I was in school I didn't have a job at the time and my parents weren't there for me to help me out financially and I needed something for school and I couldn't pay for it at the time so my ex offered to pay for them. I told him thank you a million times and I even offered to pay him back. I was having some family troubles at home he was there to listen if I ever had a problem. But a few months later close to the end of the course he brought up that thing he payd for and even though I thanked him a lot and offrerd to pay him back (he didn't even except the money) and he still called me ungrateful and said that I have nothing to offer in this relationship. A few months later he broke up with me for the first time some of his reasons were things like his sister called me ugly, he didn't know what he wanted, and again he called me ungrateful for that thing he payd for. Well about 3 days later we got back together, I gave him a second chance because I thought he would be different. Well about a month later we had a talk about going deeper into the relationship and his response was that I was like a store and I was the first thing he bought without knowing what else he wanted and how I was his first girlfriend and how he might miss out on other things if he stays with one person,. Then he said we will see where this relationship goes but he's not making any promises. I knew right there that I should have left him. 3 weeks later I was having more family problems so I talked to him abot it and a few days like he broke up with me again over text. He said that it wouldent work and that I have nothing to offer to him.


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  • I think it's both of you, but mostly him.
    You should never do something for someone and then just expect them to treat you like a Greek God, you do something because you care about that other person and their well being.
    With that in mind I do think you should take some time and get your life straightened out before getting to date. It's not fair of you to dump all of your problems on him wether it be emotionally or financially with him being so young.


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  • Wtf? I don't know your entire history but from what you wrote I'd say it's him. Please don't go back to this guy. He sounds like a total d-bag.

  • I think its him


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