Should I text him first?

I broke up with an ex a few months ago because he cheated on me. Technically we weren't dating yet but he was my first kiss, anyway we've texted on and off since then and I've realized just recently that I want him back. He text me last week saying he broke up with his girlfriend that he cheated on me with and that he missed me. We were flirting hardcore this week and then Wednesday he didn't text me all day so I text him first. I waited for him to text me yesterday and today but nothing. It's killing me. I don't wasn't him knowing how easy he could have me back so I don't want to text him first again. What should I do?😅 I also wonder if he is waiting for me to text him first to see if I still really do care about him..


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  • (facepalm)
    Why do people do this to themselves? You think everything is going to be okay just because he and the "other woman" aren't together anymore? He cheated on you! He broke the bond of trust; how do you know he won't cheat on you again? You don't know that at all. Why not save your time and energy for someone who doesn't have a track record of cheating?


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