How to handle a situation like this?

So I'm seeing this great girl we get along extremely well and can talk forever about anything the physical attraction is there too. However she is 4 months out of her previous relationship a decent amount time to get back into the dating scene and head in the right spot. She doesn't think she's ready yet to date so we're just "hanging out" which she told me after the first date. i respect that and we both know our intentions which we both respect. She opened up a little bit about her previous relationship which was different than most. They had been best friends for 10 years and dated the last 2 1/2 years I was a little surprised and told her you know I'm not him but I can understand that is going to still be a big part of her life cuz she doesn't want to lose their friendship. They insisted on taking a year off break he cheated on her and I mean I know they still talj and see each other so it's a weird predicament she doesn't want to lead me on cuz she doesn't want to hurt me but enjoys our time together I'm emotionally stable and I know she's not ready to date which I completely respect and know it's going to take some time but how should I handle this kind of different


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  • Wait for a few months (1-3) and then ask again for a date. If she agrees then great otherwise, she's wasting your time. You'll have to move then.


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