Girls, I have Been single for years. The girls don't quite get me. I feed the poor and homeless and involved in church stuff. Yet I am still single?

48, divorced, white 5'11" 200 pounds. I don't have a job. On a medical disability. To look at me I look fine.


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  • It's great that you do good work at church. I'm sure you are a caring and great guy.

    Attractiveness to girls includes being a caring guy who is not selfish, but it's only 1 part of the puzzle. I'm Christian too. In all honesty I look for looks, style, personality, interests that are compatible, confidence, sense of humour. Some guys have this confidence that is really attractive. These things can be learned. Do you have a friend who is female and popular herself who can give you honest feedback about yourself and how you are perceived by other girls? It may be difficult to hear the truth but it will help you. And finding the right girl is also very much about trying and not giving up. Expanding your social circle so you meets lots of people - male and female. All the best - will pray for you.


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  • There are many reasons why girls may not like you that don't have to do with your looks. And you should do good deeds to do good, not to get girls to like you.

  • Maybe you need to out yourself out there a little more, meet nee people, go out on dates etc...


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