Dating my best friends brother, how to keep everything good?

I met her at university, she is one of my best friends. We have been friends for over two years now. She introduced me to her older brother last year. And recently, 4 months ago when we all went out we hooked up. A month later he asked me out on a date and we have been together ever since. Any one have any advice? any potential probelms anyone can forsee? what to avoid? I know I need to avoid talking about other guys im seeing with her/ not hook up with anyone infront of her so it doesn't get back to him


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  • Just keep on both of their good sides. Losing one on bad terms could mean losing the other. Become good friends with their parents if you aren't already!

    • I have gotten to know their parents pretty well.

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  • I think the major problem would be if/when you and her brother break up (even if it's in good terms) it will either be really awkward or she will have to chose between you and her brother.


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