Weird Guy Online Communication on Dating Site? Why do they do it and how should I respond?

I've had several occasions with online dating where a guy will initiate contact, show a lot of interest, yet ask NO questions back once I've responded to him. Most recent example is below. Why initiate contact if you're not interested in connecting? Any thoughts?

Him: Hey! Loved your profile & your pics... your wanderlust, your interest in health, giving back, spirituality, dancing really caught my eye... it seems we have many thinggs in common! I'd be flattered to get to know you better.

Are you dancing tango on a regular basis now? Where do you go?

The Conversation:

Me: Hola! I am happy to connect.

I was dancing regularly when I lived in Austin, but haven't since I moved to Houston. I am rusty on my skills (really rusty) but have danced my whole life, so I'm sure it will come back quickly. I've just been so focused on tennis, developing my business plan and my studies for these last few months, I haven't been dancing. Time to change that, don't you think?

Him: Yes, definitely time to change that & get back into tango! And I'm sure it will come back quickly, you are a dancer... it'll be like getting on a bike again, I'm sure!

Looking forward to meeting & getting to know one another... have a great weekend!


Me: Looking forward to meeting you too! I'm sure you know the best milonga spots in Houston and did I see something on your profile about contacting you to learn Argentine tango? Well, consider yourself contacted

I would also love to talk with you about Argentina. How long has it been since you returned to Houston?

Him: Just returned a month ago! I did my medical school there... now preparing for my residency exams

Me: Wow! Welcome back! And congrats on completing medical school. I know that it's a tremendous accomplishment. When are your residency exams? What made you decide to return to Houston?

Him: Thanks... I'm planning on taking the 1st of 3 in June! My family


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  • He avoided answering a question about his location. My guess: he isn't where he says he is and or isn't who he says he is.


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