Should I give him a second chance?

Okay, last year I really liked this guy and he liked me, but because I wasn't ready to date he decided to get a different girlfriend. She said something bad about me, and he took her side, letting her spread rumors about me. Well here we are one year later, and he's liked me for about 6 months. He's so sweet and says all the right things. He's trying to make things right but I don't know how to feel with everyone telling me he's not good for me. Can someone please give me some good advice?


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  • If someone talks about me or never defended my honor, and I knew about it. I'd stay away from that person. There is nothing more worse then a lying, two faced sack of spit. Do as you please. I'm just telling you from my perspective.


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  • the fuck are those guys talking about down there. He just fell for a rumor and believed it, yes it was stupid of him not to make sure if the rumor was right or not but he just thought you did something bad. It's normal that you stay away from people that you hear bad stuff about, we all do.

    At least now he knows that you were right, and he probably won't do that same mistake again. And if he did, you let him know about it and dump him.

  • Your a child no need to date anyone

    • Not date, just another chance at friendship

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    • Good point

    • Thank you

  • is he still with his other gf?

    • No, he broke up with her last year when he realized u was right

    • Sorry I meant I not u

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