When to ask if he's seeing other people?

I started seeing this guy a week ago, but things have moved pretty quickly. We've been on 4 dates since we met last week and we text all the day. He's even made time to see me on my lunch break. Once or twice he's made passing comments about spending the night at mine. I'd like to sleep with him. But I usually don't do that unless I'm exclusive with a guy and it's not usually something that comes up until the 4th or 5th date (which usually takes a few weeks to reach). The thing is that things have been moving really quickly with this guy and I'm at the point where I would like to, but I don't want to if he's seeing other people. I don't feel like I can ask him if he is though as we've only known each other a week. He's said he'll be patient and doesn't mind waiting because he doesn't just want sex from me. What should I do? Should I just make him wait until it's at a point where I can ask if we're exclusive?


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  • Hmm. Four dates in one week. He sees you on your lunch break.

    I'd fathom a guess that's he's only seeing you (at least right now), or has no other life but to date women 24/7. (Most likely it's the former).

    So, just tell him that you only fuck like a monkey when you are with someone exclusively (i'm sure you'll be more tactful than that). He should get the hint : )



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