Been out of the game, need help texting?

got out of a abusive 10 yr relationship a year ago... started dating have no idea what i'm doing anymore... take a gander at this text log:

9 a. m. Girl: Hey it's ***** from match, if I don't reply right away it's because i'm probably in class. hope you're having a great day!

1 p. m. Me: Hey **** good to hear from you. Don't let the wind knock you down on your way to class today! I want to talk to you, let me know what days you have off. (it was a very very windy day today)

9 p. m. Girl: Sundays are usually the most free for me, unfortunately the next couple sundays are really busy for me. what days are good for you?

I kind of took her mentioning that she was going to busy on sundays for a couple weeks as a subtle hint to back off, am I wrong on this?

My gut tells me to ask her out on a phone date Sunday night to talk. we haven't talked on the phone before, we met on match. com a couple days ago. All of this is pretty new to me since the last time I dated smartphones and online dating didn't really exist like it does now. What do you guys think?


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  • I don't think she is throwing the brakes on just by saying she will be busy for the next few Sundays being she did ask what days are good for you. In fact it sounds like she will figure out how to make time to talk. Don't panic it actually is a good sign at this point.

  • I think you're getting a little too worried about it. She's taking classes and it's getting close to the end of the school year, so she's probably going to spend extra time studying. Plus she asked you what days you are available to talk.

    That said, tell her what days you're available and see when you can work things out to have a chat.


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