How do I help him figure out what he wants?

One of my guy friends and I hooked up. We talked about it later and the conclusion was that he thinks I'm attractive and fun, but he didn't know how he felt about me and didn't want to pursue anything serious. Which is how I feel about him. The only difference is that I'm willing to hookup again with him but he doesn't know if he wants to again and complicate things.
After our talk we felt really comfortable and we were really honest and we made plans to hang out again and finish the movie we started last time. Except we decided to "platonically cuddle"
I don't know if we're gonna hookup again but how do I help him figure out his feelings?
So we hooked up again... and he's less confused


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  • Patience. It's something he'll have to work out for himself. You can give him the opportunity to decide to do more with you again, but you don't want to pressure him, of course.

    Good luck, kudos for discussing it!


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  • Give him time. He may like you but you can't help him or influence his feelings. Just let him sort stuff out for himself. Hopefully he'll realize he likes you but you don't want to push him.


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  • You can't help him. Only he can. Nobody can force an attraction.


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