How can I move on?

well, basically a while ago I was talking to a guy, T, and after a couple of weeks T called things off. But when he did, he said things like "your first rejection is the worst" and a few other things so I didn't get it (because he's not my first rejection and the other 'hints' weren't true). Anyway, I kept persuing him and he ended up trying to sleep with me even though he knew I'm not the kind of person to do that. I'm just really frustrated that it turned out like that and I ended up looking like an idiot.
By the way when I said "the other hints weren't true" I mean he'd mad assumptions about me that weren't true and used them to hint that he was rejecting me
Even though it's been a few months and after what he did, I still really like him.


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  • Im going through the same thing.. I really like this guy we've been talking for weeks and even had sex a couple of times but more painful is that instead of telling me he wants to call things off he just ignores me and i fuckin hate that which makes him hard to get which makes me look like an idiot trying to talk to him and figure out what went wrong and i felt like a crazy ex gf even tho im not..

    I think that makes us like the person that has turn us down is cause we can't have them and its a challenge and your mind is pretty much like "WHY DONT YOU LIKE ME" i think as of now play it off as if it doesn't bother you change his name on your phone as ignore. If he's not giving you a min to reply or have a small convo then not worth it

    • Yeah, these things can drive you insane, it's so frustrating! I've already deleted him on all social media and blocked his number. I guess I just need to find something else to focus on now.

    • Exactly! you go girl spend your time with someone who is worth it :) as cheesy as it sounds lifes to short to waste it on fuck boys

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  • talk to a diff guy and block T off of all social media.


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