Flirting with a coworker but on a new level?

So i have this coworkerof a year and a half she's really smart, nice and pretty she always has guys running after her , i managed to go out on few dates with her a while ago and we really connected , a lot of talking and hanging out and things seemed perfect but she suddenly (due to some life complications and some aszholes) she stopped wanting to hang out with me or talk as much but she is still nice and helps when i need her help, i am afraid that she might be getting close to someone else and would like to fix it ( done lots of talking but no use ) i managed to fix it somehow and since she liked me at first i am pretty sure i can pull it of again and make her like me as much as she did , but i have to resort to lots of flirting and weird tactics to do it but it has to seem like i am not actually flirting since i dont want it to look like i am chasing her , also she is smart, knows a lot of things, has some skills, kinda independent and really nice so has lots of friends, she's a little different from your everyday girl, sophisticated if you may call her that , so normal flirting won't do it i have to be bold and confident and in control , any ideas?


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  • I'd say continue to be confident, smile, and find interesting topics to discuss with her when you have the opportunity. Find out her hobbies, what she likes etc. She will notice the little things. Since she is confident... make sure you have good eye contact. Do a good job at work, show pride in your work. That show maturity. But don't change who you are... just be confident. The little things you do mean a lot!


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  • You will have to show her otherwise in this ego (misconception) you can't get her. I think she's losing interest a bit. It's the right time to approach her. To give her surprise.
    Good luck :)


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