Girls with height preferences - does height matter in the bedroom?

So I've got thick soled shoes and am thinking of getting insoles to add another couple inches - but shouldn't look obvious that I've done that. So I should be able to pass as 5'10, whereas I am only 5'7. So girls, does a guy need to meet your height requirement even during sex? (Because I can keep the shoes on otherwise basically.) She wouldn't need to embarrased in public because I wouldn't look short.

Any other views on this?
Any other views on this girls?


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  • I do have a preference when it comes to height I like my man tall 6ft+ Now if you want to be taller instead of the insole check his out you can always wear them they are very popular in japan

    • And don't worry about the sex thing you're laying down anyways

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    • Lol doesn't she realize that less than 15% of men are over 6'0?

    • How tall are you?

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  • well look... for most women, height is pretty much a dealbreaker. If you're shorter than they are, you usually don't have a chance, even if you have everything else going for you, which is why im often so confused to see how fearful some guys are to state any sort of physical preference that they may have, like skinny girls, girls with a nice chest, white... etc. I mean if its a not a problem for women to have a type, why is it a problem for you? Anyhow, thats just an aside. I think the point is that a girl kinda wants to have a guy who she can have fun with both inside and outside of the bedroom.

    • I don't see why height should be correlated with fun...

    • i don't see why height should correlate with "feeling safe" with a guy in an era of conceal carries, but you don't see that stopping women from having those particular standards. My point is that you are trying to insert a level of logic to something that may not be all that logically derived to begin with

    • I guess women are still thinking like we're in the stone age, where she'd need her man to be able to intimidate other men so she didn't get raped or killed etc.

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  • As long as a guy is taller than me, I don't care. I'm 5ft 4 by the way.

    • If he's was 5'3 but looked 5'5 in public by cheating with soles/insoles would that be alright, or do you need him to be taller in the bedroom too?

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    • Would they be considered hot if they weren't rich and famous? (And girls were next to them actually seeing their height.)

    • Yes, it all depends on character. I'm not saying all girls like short guys, but those that do pay close attention to personality, intelligence and overall health.

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  • Dude, im about 5'7, yes some girls won't go for you. But luckily a majority of women are shorter and even so, my ex is a little taller than me, and she is a hot blond and I have a friends with benefits now who is close to 6 and she is pretty hot herself with stalkers (who I have to cock block) and she uses me for sex. So height is a deal breaker but for a minority, and definitely not a problem in my world.

    • It may not be a deal breaker for all, but if she's considering more than one guy it's going to be an important factor.

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    • So if the initial attraction is so important, wearing high soled shoes could help with that, right?

    • No it won't. Look it may get her into the bedroom, but once you naked and raw, your height will show. What's more unnatractive to a girl than height, is a guy who is insecure that he had to wear those shoes to begin with. You will get laid MUCH more if you accept your height, and just have fun. Most women will go for a guy taller than them and you lucky that most women are somewhat our height or under. I saw a really sexy short girl with a short guy on Wednesday. They were a sexy couple. The guy was shorter than me. Another thing, tom cruise. Yes he is an actor, but famous actresses go for him. It's not like they don't so he has to pick up hot girls that are not famous actresses. I met a girl at a bdsm party and she is short. She had a choice of many guys, but I remained strong and cool and I may have a date with her And her girlfriend:-) don't let height stop you.

  • Most women wouldn't know the importance of height in the bedroom, because they have a head full of pre-conceived ideas and have never stepped out of their "comfort zone" long enough to find the truth.
    From my experience, sex works out better if the woman is somewhere between the man's height and 4" taller. It's all about accessibility. It can be difficult enough to kiss a short woman on the lips during sex, let alone kiss her on the boobs. With a taller woman, it all becomes easy and both parties are much happier.

  • Basically don't wear them. I'm only about 5'8. 5'9 with shoes on. It's not really a problem if you don't let it be. Like people have said, height is usually a deal breaker if you are shorter than the girl, so just go for girls who are shorter than you. That's it.

    Think of it this way, a world class classical musician is a god in front of classic music lovers, but in front of another crowd (probably the majority of the population) he is a nobody. Would he bother trying to impress of a group of people who he knows won't appreciate classical music anyway? Hell no. Why bother with people who won't appreciate you? Everyone has their 'crowd'. Yours just might be shorter girls.


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