If your guy/girl flirting with other girls/guys?

If your guy/girl flirting with other girls/guys are you fine with that you think it is fine.


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  • I don't care as long as everyone knows he's coming home with me and only me >:D


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  • I'd leave her on the spot. It's never okay for your partner to flirt with others when they're dating you that's a big slap in the face and shows a great lack of respect for you.

  • Nothing wrong with flirting, at least I don't think so. So I wouldn't care

    • I like your answer it's like real man we women r frank with friends that not mean we r flirt and we r slut yesterday I m talking friendly with our electrician he fix a oven and we had cup off tea at my home while tal k he cracked few jokes and my husband shout on me it hurt lot

    • Anyone can mistake friendliness for flirting. So it's just best not to give a fuck at all.

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