Are White/Caucasian men more shy when approaching a Latina that they are romantically interested in?

He has said I'm gorgeous, one of a kind, amazing, that he thinks about me often etc.

What I wonder, could it be because I'm Hispanic that it intimidates him asking me out? I've always been into White/Caucasian men but noticed they take things a little bit more slow. (Not complaining there)

Also what can I do or say to make him reassured that I do like him a lot? Anyone who has gone through this can answer, but I'm interested in what you good looking white boys have to say! ;)
Any insight anyone?


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  • Maybe. I mean, I personally find latinas so sexy.

    If you want to reassure him, maybe try telling you like him? I don't know, just throwing out crazy ideas.


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  • I'm a bit shy myself. I think some of us are just more hesitant to ask women out in general. I wished I wasn't though.

  • I Luv Latinas because they have a spicy side to them


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