Why do I struggle getting into a relationship?

Why is it so difficult getting into a relationship? I'm really sa beautiful woman. And I have a really cool personality. Why does the guys loose interest? Is it cause I fall in love? What the is wrong with me? I have a nice job drive a nice car. What the he'll must I do?


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  • Most people think partnership is about them. That's also why most people have difficulty in relationships.

    • Thanks I tried not looking into the fact that he doesn't want to come to me or message me cute things. And it works. It's difficult, especially because so many guys has pushed me away. I must just focus on making him feel good and keeping him happy and then the replies are wonderful. Thanks for making me realise I'm not the only one in this relationship or whatever is busy happening. I'm giving my all and if it backfires I will be super sad, but I've also been through that many times.

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  • Sometimes having a lot going for you can not only make people intimidated, but also cause you to take things too personally when things don't work out. You assume it must've been something else you're missing that they didn't want. You come to thing of yourself as "dateable" by your checklist of qualities you're offering. Forgetting that a lot of connections are just made by chemistry, timing, and common interests.

    I speak from experience on this one! Try for a while focusing on THEM when you're dating someone new. See how they make you feel, if they meet your needs, bring happiness to your life, etc. Don't focus so much on if you're enough. You are who you are, and the right person will want what you're offering.


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