Girls what is most important in a relationship?

Girls (and guys but mostly girls) what is most important in a relationship. I know these aren't mutually exclusive, if you like more then one option comment about it.
  • Having a lot of things in common.
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  • Having mutual respect.
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  • Having physical attractiveness.
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  • Having a boyfriend with a lot of money, good car, big house.
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  • Having a relationship with equal power.
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  • Same religion, politics, point of view.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok personally, I like having things in common with people, but I more differences, because honestly, opposites attract! Kinda reminds me of that song :) Mutual respect, or better yet, any kinda respect is a must in a relationship with me. Physical attractiveness is ok, but there are a lot of people that need some advice tho, believe me, Im one of them... Weather the person has a lot of money a big house and all is up to them, but it doesn't matter to me either way. As far as equal power goes, I think its better for each to live they way they want to live life. I wouldn't want to have a controlling bf and I dont think they would want me to be controlling to them so equal power is a must. I dont care if the person Im dating is religious or not and has the same political views, but I would want them to respect my point of view. I chose view answers cause I had an opinion for each one. And another thing is I would want to date someone from another country for a change because I want to see what its like to date someone from another country and I think I am slowly getting closer to doing so :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • physical attraction is the most important.


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  • having things in common and trust. i think are the most important things.. a relationship will just be boring if you don't have anything in common. and trust is something you can't live without. a really good relationship is where you can trust your life with your significant other.

  • Having the same values. That doesn't mean having the same hobbies, religion, political view. It's the reason why you do certain things. If, for example, one likes to read books and the other likes to watch documentaries. Both of them do it because they value knowledge. If you have the same values, you can find some consensus. If your values differ, then you may never reach mutual agreement on something. And if that something is important, it could wreck your relationship.

  • there are many things that make a relationship work you can't pick just one. is trust, respect, loyalty, romance, caring, showing affection. all together make a great combination!


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