Talking to a new guy but im still not over my ex. What should I do?

The guy i just recently started talking to just broke up with his girlfriend right when we started talking, so i kinda feel bad about that like what does that even mean. And im not even sure if i like him like that, he's so different from guys i normally talk to. he's really nice and im not use to that and we can actually joke around with each other. But the thing is my ex is making it really hard for me to get over him. he's always hanging around me so i can't go a day without him purposly bumping into him. Im also afraid of letting go of my ex because i feel like neither of us deserve better. And i dont want to ruin this new guy because im not usually the type he dates and i dont want to hurt him. What should i do?


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  • I agree with weapon. If it didn't work between you two in the beginning, then why would it ever work? Look if you still have feelings for your ex, dont date the new guy and then screw with his head just so you can leave him a month or two later. Dont rebound.

    If you can do it, try things out with the new guy and do NOT bring your ex with the relationship.

    • Well him and my ex also hate each other and i dont want to put more fuel to that fire, last him my ex even saw me talking to the new guy he got super pissed off.

    • Who gives a shit? he's not with you anymore.. He doesn't control you, and dont ever allow him to. That pisses me off because my exs old boyfriend did the same shit, but he always got to her and she always went back to him. He contemplated suicide when she broke up with him.. She was my first love and i was her rebound. Thats exactly where you are right now. Get over him first and be truly done with him, or you'll never be happy with someone new.

    • Thank you, and basicallt that hiw it is for my ex and i its not the first time weve broken up and normally i go back to him and i have make noe efforts to talk to him. I think thats his problem.

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  • Tell the new guy that you're not ready to start anything right now because you'e not yet over your ex.
    However, sounds like you don't want to be, with how you said that you feel 'neither of you deserve better'. You're willingly squashing the chance of not getting over your ex and turning down potential new guys, holding on to the hope that something will get rekindled between you guys.

    Be honest to this new guy.

    • I honestly just dont want to hurt him, he absolutly hates my ex so i dont want him to go through his wrath, and also he's not used to being with girls like me, im just afraid of huritng him because we are friends, and i dont want to make it weird between us. and i dont want to get hurt again etiher.

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    • Im hust afraid of hurting him, because im not all that emotionally invested in guys because of stuff I've been put through. And im just really chill about every thing.

    • yeah I've been in a similar situation before so I know it's not easy. The best thing you can do though is just be up front. Quick & painless, in a sense. Better than drawing it out for an indefinite amount of time.

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  • Keep talking to the new guy and squash your feelings for your past relationship because it is in the past.

    Live in the present.

    • Its hard to do that when all he does is follow me around and try to get me attention...

    • I bet he won't once he sees you with that new guy.

    • See thats another thing im afraid he will get jealous and do something stupid, thats what happened last time.

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  • You should take things slow and not rush into a relationship with this new guy you are talking to. Maybe meet up with him a few times and go out for dinner to see if you really like him. It could be that you might like him more or maybe the other way around, you might like him less. There's no need to rush anything though :)

    • Yea i definatly dont want to rush it, i just feel like he deserves better than me and im afraid i will hurt him. And we are both eachothers rebounds so I don't know how i feel about that either.

  • I'm in a similar situation. I'm talking to the nicest guy in the whole world right now.. he's funny and always compliments me and tells me how cool i am to talk to. but in the back of my mind I'm still thinking about my ex, who is the complete opposite of this guy. My ex is a sarcastic jerk, and even though we fought all the time it was such an intense love that we had for each other (can't think of another way to describe that). the love hurt but it was really really good when we were happy. anyway, I'm worried that I'm not going to feel that again, especially with this really sweet, nice guy; no matter how much i wish i could.

  • U should find another one who is better than others


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