Guys, would you ever date a girl that doesn't take any shit from anyone?

Well this guy in my class was throwing eraser pieces in my hair for three days and everyday I was nice and said please stop and he never did so finally I told him if he didn't atop I was going to stab him with my pencil he didn't stop so i grabed my pencil and stabed him so hard on accident and made him bleed. Would you ever date someone like me.

Ow and a guy that Is in collage was scared of me the first time he meet me because he knew my sisters and found out what I did so he was scared of me.😂😂😂
O and I told my dad what happened and he said he was going to give the guy shit about it lol


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  • Why did you find the need to stab him and make him bleed? OK he was a jerk with you for 3 days but there are several ways you can resolve a problem and violence is the worst one. Learn to control your self and use any legal action against anyone that attempt to damage your integrity. Only in a life or death situation you should use violence, and not to the extreme to kill.

    Been someone that doesn´t take any shit from anyone can lead you to something that eventually will make police have a good reason to arrest you and jail you among others with a similar way of thinking.


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  • Yes, you should stand up for your rights and yes i would date
    a girl who stands her own ground i find that attractive in female
    i had some girl did the same thing to me throwing spit balls at
    me and she was old enough to know better but like a dummy
    i took the bull off of her i would never hit a girl but i should of
    reported her to the teacher or to the principal i was big time
    bully victim.

  • No, I would just date myself and a mannequin. I don't trust women in this decade, you all, are way too emotional. (Caller is waiting on the other line), His name is Cupid, ask him to help you find someone who will allow you to hurt him with a pencil.

    • Your not being a dick at all

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    • I'm not, not no one on here is making anyone think otherwise, as fucking off, how could you withstand keep going after woman after woman when being rejected a trillion times, no one could ever think, "Oh, Wow I'm positive I will get this chick." overnight, it isn't some Disney Movie or TV Show, everything is just roses with a live audience track of audience saying,"Aw!" It's reality, Okay, like for me, I may never meet Ms. Supermodel and marry her into a white picket fence with 1.4 kids, and a fixed income, it will never happen, I will not blame myself for hiring a Prostitute to entertain me from time to time, on lonely nights. Excuse me, for my transgressions, but females are very puzzling to me, I can't figure them out, you're right you choose to have a better life, but it doesn't mean that you won't have to fight to continue to keep it, also a bright future for someone only 14, I realize that now. I was just saying that some of us, didn't have it so easy at 14, maybe the current doe

    • I have no problem with women standing up for themselves, I'm all for that, but when you have to stand up to them, it's very frightening, they don't make it easy. Why should a man have to weaken down to them? Those are the breaks for me, anyone else? No, that's just me. I can surely say that you can assert yourself a bit more and be the bell of the ball to your heart's content.

  • As long as you don't stab me lol I see nothing wrong with it.

  • I would do whatever she told me to LOL.
    No seriously a chick with a backbone is very attractive.

  • No cause that means she doesn't take shit from her parents and is probably disrespectful towards them too.

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