Can you help me with my problems?

when you ask a guy out and he come to you and says he's gay but he's really not what does that mean the thing i don't get he will talk to me if i talk to him
the thing i don't get he will talk to me if i talk to me and he never said anything when i ask him out he got blush and he will look me right in the eye my friends and his friends tell me that he loves me i need some advice please help
but he gave me his phone number
but his is really popular because he is on the football team
you were all right my friends lied to me about it but i have moved on now


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  • If he told you he's gay and he lied, get over him

    • i think maby his friends dated him to becasue he was with them

    • He still lied about something big. He made you fall for him when he wasn't into you, find someone else

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  • if he says he's a gay when he's not then he's tring 2 avoid u basically

    • did you read the whole commet

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