Why am I pushing my boyfriend away?

in a long distance relationship with my bestfriend from highschool, im 22 year old and this relationship is the most serious I've had, it was based on pure mutual respect before it ever got physical, the sex is amazing, i seem to love everything about him especially how he cars about me, its more than he's ever cared or put in an effort with anyone before (i know because i was his bestfriend literally, saw him with his past relationships etc .) i guess thats part of my problem i know too much, i witnessed him cheat I've seen him get cheat on. i feel like my muslim parents will never accept us, and yet he doesn't care he only wants me, i consantly make excuses why he should dump me, it never works he always finds a way to yell at me in a soft gentle voice that makes me feel like an idiot when i say things like that and i know i should just accept his love, he's witnessed 7 years of my faults and still doesn't care and chooses to love me? why am i constantly sabotaging this!!! help all i want is to love him backwkith no exceptions.


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  • Part of it is that you are getting older, and have a desire to explore. Part of you sees him as tying you to your past, and you might be thinking that you are not quite ready yet to settle down into a perfect little life. Perhaps a little stifled? Well, that might be what's causing this. So what do you want? Think about it, long and hard, and then decide if it is fair to keep him around.
    (It might be that it is, don't think that I am telling you to dump him. Just don't keep this pushing/pulling routine up it's hurting you both)


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  • Probably because you don't think your relationship has a future.


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