Girls, would you date a guy who you tutored online? Guys, do you have any successful experiences of getting your tutor become your girlfriend?

Two weeks ago, I met her online. While I am studying in NY, she is studying in CA. I applied several online tutoring sessions with her, and got crushed on her.

We never met before, but she is so sweet, gorgeous and warm-hearted that I feel totally fall in love with her.

Some girls in opinion comments said they will not date a guy who tutors, which made me quite frustrated.

Girls, is it possible to make her become my girlfriend?

And guys, did you ever make your tutor become your girlfriend?


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  • I think you should ask for her number and see how I goes from there

    • "how I goes from there"?

  • I wouldn't mind it if I was into him.

    • But what about the long-distance? And we never met before.
      How big is the odd, in your opinion?

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    • I know many girls would not mind the long distance, but would you be attracted to a guy who you never met in the real life?

    • That's why Skype and social media is there... lol. I would see eventually.

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