He flirts with me even though he's got a girlfriend. What do I do?

I've known this guy for a few months now after meeting him through a mutual friend. When I first met him, I was attracted to him and he seemed to flirt with me. He bought me a drink on our first meeting and dropped me off home. A week later, our mutual friend said that the guy had invited me to his bday house party. I wasn't able to go. Then a few weeks later, he added me on fb. I saw at this point that he was 'In a relationship' and didn't try to think about it too much. My bday party was a few weeks after and our mutual friend brought the guy along again. He had bought me a gift for my birthday and seemed really into talking with me. He even bought everyone dinner, spent a lot of money on me (buying me shots etc).

Everytime I see him at an event, he always seems super nice to me and asks me "No hug? You aren't showing me any love?" We met up today again as a group of friends and the guy said he was going to a strip club, even asking me if I would like to come too. He even asked me if I would like to come to an event in 2 weeks time (day time roof party) Am I just overthinking this or is he actually flirting with me? He's got a girlfriend but he hardly spends any time with her during the weekend, as I always tend to see him during the weekend with friends out drinking.


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  • Maybe he's just an affectionate guy


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