A guy really likes me but I'm REALLY scared of dating him?

It's not my body, i'm fit and proportionate. It's not my face, a lot of guys think I'm cute and pretty. I have acne on my upper body and hyperpigmentation scarring, some on my boobs (sorry for disgusting you). It sucks. Pimples are spawn of satan because they come for no reason and they pop without me doing anything and leave behind a ugly mark. And I have a slight discolouration on my underarms, they used to be really dark but improved a lot (lemon juice & waxing) but it's still not good enough :'( I've been struggling for this for years and haven't been able to get a dermatologist referral until 2 days ago but it takes time.

I've been so scared to let guys in because of this. Nobody knows I have these problems except for my best friends so dating a guy and having him find out is scary as hell for me. I have never even had a boyfriend or first kiss before (even though everyone thinks I already had sex...) so it'll be SO depressing if my skin makes him run for the hills. And he's different because I actually REALLY like him and it totally sucks so much

Sorry i need some self esteem boost.. without lying because i know its not attractive, it's pretty gross and horrible.
I'm 17


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  • Honestly girl there is only one way to get over this: find a guy that doest give a shit. Because I have some dark pigmentation on my pits as well, and to add on to all of that, I have hair on my you know what THAT IS THE WORST YOU CAN IMAGINE. and also I'm arab so the hair grows pretty much the next morning. i won't ever let a guy near me for this reason, but i know once i find a guy that doesn't care, i won't either. because I am actually an attractive person too thank god and a lot of guys want to get to know me, but when the right guy comes along i know all my self esteem problems will just *poof* disappear. you can do this girl, just go to the dermatologist and continue waxing those pits because I've been doing it for 2 years and i see very little darkness. Might I also suggest something called Bio-Oil its from cvs or walgreens its a short fat clearish orange cylinder shaped bottle that has a white top. Its amazing i used to have scarring on my face and it went away. Also i suggest sweet almond oil. yep just get it done

    • thank you, you made me feel so much better. i guess i won't find out a guy won't care unless i dont try and even if he rejects me and it totally sucks i dont need a shallow guy in my life that can't me for me. thank you so much i'll definitely be trying bio oil :) and dw im super hairy down there too.. the struggles :/

    • that can't accept me for me*

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  • If you don't. Some 1 else will. So do want him with you or another woman? Make a choice.

  • So don't date him. simple


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