How to become closer w/ a guy?

I've been seeing this guy for two weeks now and when we met we both agreed that we were looking for serious relationships. Our first date he took me to dinner and he. was such a gentleman not very verbal but I kept catching him staring at me. Initially I was not physically that attracted to him so for the next couple two days I kinda avoiding him but than finally he wore me down and I agreed to go out w/ him again. This time after taking me out to dinner again we went to a hotel and we had sex. Ever since I've really been really into him but after a couple days I've noticed that he was acting different. Over the phone he would be kinda not so much of a gentleman but in person he'd be such a gentleman. Anyway so now he's telling me that he'd rather a friendship because relationships suck. He hurt me when he said that because of course I thought he was only so persistent so that he can get in bed w/ me. But he assured me that's not the case. I really really like him and I want to be w/ him. He says he wants to build a relationship and so do I but I don't know how to tap into his emotions and get him to really be attached to me emotionally. He told me after a few days of meeting that he loved me and if course I didn't take it serious but when I questioned him about it he said that he honestly feels that way. Anyway now he's a bit distant and I just want to know what can I do or say to bring him emotionally much closer to me? HOW can I stimulate his mind towards me? By the way he's 26 and I'm 18. We usually text so something that I can say in a text to slowly bring us closer would be great. Thank you everyone


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  • Seems like he's looking for an open relationship. And you seem like investing emotionally more than him. I think you need to think about it.


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