What race of guy/girls have the most/least preference for race when it comes to dating?

in your opinion which one does and why?


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  • Lots of people seem to think that black women, who are not generally seen as being quite as desirable, are forced to forego racial preferences. It's almost like they're in a position of "you gotta take what you can get."

    I really hope that's not true, as I personally feel like black women are just as capable of beauty as anyone else. A lot of people seem to think it, though. If it is true, then that's just sad. :(

    • Nope, You are 100% accurate - Black Woman

      The number of times I've been told I'm perfect is hilarious. I'm perfect up until the point I say I'm black, without even seeing me that will be the end of conversation.

      It actually concurs with one of the answers above about black men having the least preference and black women having the most preference.

      The way a black women deal with foregoing racial preference

      Black woman A. exclusively date only black or ethnic men to avoid backlash. "However a few of my friends truly said they really only are attracted to black guys"

      ^^ they don't know what they're missing ;)

      and then I have friends who almost exclusively date white/Asian because they feel all the other black guys with the least preference are out exploring thus they desperately scramble to other races

      Then there are the black women who say, "I'm really just not attracted to black guys" I don't buy it but whatever

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    • A friend of ours who just happened to be a sister sorority to the fraternity later apologized for their behavior and admitted that a lot of the older brothers are traditional, endothermic and quite racist

      Another friend of ours who is black in and Asian sorority admitted to not going to some of the events like "date auction or night " because she simply knew she would be frowned upon upon the entire night

      Oh and the guy who dropped me like a hat recently it's so ironic he actually made post about hating being Indian because there are so many stereotypes about them but previously he had discriminated against me

      He now makes post about looking for "white, Indian or Hispanic girls"
      People usually 99.9% of the time make exceptions about discrimination against blacks

      Even worse he started with I'm not racist but black culture.. Media etc

      "Let's stop there" because we all know media and black culture is filled with stereotypes

    • it's now just become socially acceptable to label it as "preference" when there's usually something more

      Being black is like being fat in the dating world,
      It's become a totally acceptable reason to deny a person
      No one will judge instead
      You will get nods of affirmation and support

      Going to leave it at that, I could go on for hours and I have far worse stories..

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  • White guy: Most
    White girl: Least


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