Racial issues in dating?

Why do people, guys and girls, tell me I'm racist or living in a cloud because I prefer not to date black men? I am black and know it and love it. But I'm usually not attracted to black men. It's just me. I've dated a couple in the past but I just prefer to date a mix of different men with different cultural backgrounds. Even my sister attacks me and tells me I live in a fake world where I think I'm above others. I don't believe in acting white or black. I don't agree that white people should date white people and black people should date black people. I like to remain open minded about ANY guy I meet. But why am I judged harshly because I don't date black guys?
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  • Honestly I'm just like you girl I'm half white and half Venezuelan when you see me you think I'm full white, and I don't want to date white guys same with black guys. Its not that I'm racist its because I had a lot of bad experiences with white and black guys (full black and white) that these experiences left a bad impression about black and white guys for me. Now I rather date guys that are mixed and brown I barley have any bad experiences with mixed and brown guys. Honestly I think people are just like this because their parents brainwash them to think this way think about it. I don't think your racist for not wanting to date black guys keep doing what your doing don't let someone put you down on how you feel and who you want to date its your life. Your choice.

    • Thanks. I don't care if people attack me about I just wanted open opinions about it :)

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    • I'm black Cherokee Italian and English . But I've grown up with the emphasis that in black. But I don't feel like there should be a seperation.

    • Me too I think any race should date each other if they want to. We all human doesn't make sense to treat other differently.

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What Guys Said 6

  • You do not have to apologize or explain to anyone your reasons for dating whomever you want.

    I never had a racial preference, but I know some people that do. And life is too short to worry about what someone thinks of your views on who you are and are not attracted to.

    • Everyone points out my preferences for the lack of black men I've dated. I've dated seriously a multitude of different men.(not slut wise but you understand) not for the skin color but for their personalities so if a handsome blue man strikes my interest ad I feel like hey we should date I'll date him. Equal opportunity so to speak.


    But if a person tells you to date in your own race, that sounds like racism to me.

    • I agree. I've never grown up thinking black people can only be with black people. It's a disgusting mindset that doesn't bring different races n cultures together but separates them even more

  • You wrote:
    " I prefer not to date black men"


    " I like to remain open minded about ANY guy I meet."

    contradict each other... but *yawn* whatever.

    • I do prefer not to date them because predominantly A LOT of black men I have dated haven't had personalities that click with mine. But I remain open minded because just because I have a preference doesn't mean I won't date them. But my opinions are based off experience and my experiences with some black men haven't been good. But that doesn't mean I go around saying no to every black guy I meet.

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    • @Queen_naki5

      she was trying too hard to be nice.

    • @Tokana I was trying too hard to be mean :-P

  • well you wouldn't be the first black girl on gag I've seen who feels this way. actually i think you're in the majority and not the minority

  • Black guys come in all various personalities. You may be open to dating others but the fact that you openly said you dont prefer them and prefer other races is weird. You can't simply base your racially bias preferences over something like personality traits because black men can have any kind of personalities you think of. So in turn i assume you mean different cultural backgrounds but even then the lines in the modern world have become so blurred that we share similar backgrounds in some ways. To write someone off who is a black guy seams harsh and unfair. Theirs plenty of black men who would respect, care, appreciate and adorn our own women i hope you come to see that despite your bad experiences with us, :)

  • I don't date black women because they usually have personalities that don't vibe with mine.

    But I'm open-minded I swear!

    • Thanks for your amazing honesty. It'll b noted

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    • that's understandable.

    • to me and stuff yeah

What Girls Said 3

  • You aren't as open minded as you think then..

    • I am, but predominantly the guys I have dated are other races other than black. Not due to skin or race but personality traits that just don't vibe with nine.

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    • No, you aren't lol but ok..

    • How does attraction to personalities that have been attached to races other than black men make you develop that opinion. Honestly.

  • perfectly fine im Asian but i only date white men

  • Do what you want girl. You don't have to explain anything to anybody. You're allowed to have a preference without being questioned. I'm a black girl and I love Arab, Hispanic and mixed men. They have a very appealing look. Give me a guy with an olive complexion, bangin' body and soft black hair... yummy ;-) That is what I like though. People can say what they want about it but I don't care.


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