Who are the worst to date, men or women?

I was having a conversation with someone today.. He was telling me how girls are the worst to date but little did he know I'm bisexual.. Therefore I've dated men and women. So I can give my own opinion from experiences..
Advantages: you can open up to them without feeling too uncomfortable, they know exactly how I'm feeling when I'm on my period, they sometimes put my feelings into consideration, they're comfortable to lie on because of their boobs hehe, you can just sit and cry in front of them and they don't ask what's wrong.. They just cuddle you for a while until you're ready to tell them what's wrong
Disadvantages: they can get far too possessive, if you're hanging out with someone they pretend they're the FBI and try and find every little detail about them, they steal your hoodies and other clothing! (Although I do find it cute until they refuse to give it me back), They sometimes don't realise how strong they are and almost push you down the stairs
Advantages: they'll give you their jacket if they think you're cold, they'll do dorky stuff when dancing in a club.. Just to make you laugh, they'll carry things for you
Disadvantages: they'll tell all their friends you're bipolar and when you explain you're on your period they go and inform all their friends, they'll make out as though you're an evil bitch.. you've cheated on them.. you just wanted rid of them to their friends.. All because you ended it due to it not working out between you, if you're bisexual you're automatically labeled a ' cheat' because bisexuals are 'greedy' right? -_-
All that ^^^ is from my own personal experiences, I'm not saying all men and women are the same.. It's just what I've unfortunately experienced.
I have to say guys are the worse to date, especially when it comes to them being extremely bitchy.
so who do you think is the worst to date? :)
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  • I'm sure both have their ups and downs. I mean, being an asshole isn't exactly tied to gender.


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  • I think both are just as bad in certain situations.


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