Girls, have you ever started back talking to a guy that you said you wouldn't talk to anymore?

If you did, what made you start talking to him again? Its this guy I broke it off with 2 weeks ago, that I'm thinking about texting right now.
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  • I tried to let go of someone who was using me and he came back in four days. I gave in and responded and I feel so much worse now. I was four days into accepting the end of that relationship and now I have to either accept this weird middle ground attempt at friendship or bail again. Both of which make me feel 10X worse than I did before I responded.

    I recommend staying away or else you'll have to start all over again with the healing when it ultimately fails again.


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  • Yeah because I miss him

  • Haha yea and it was just out of boredom

    • Lol omg that was the reason I was thinking about doing texting him, but I didn't give in because I thought about everything that comes along with dealing with him. I'll pass

    • Smart girl :)

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