How to know when a guy likes you vs. overly friendly?

Sorry it's a little long, but I need some clear-cut signals to know when a guy likes you or is maybe just a little too friendly. Last year I truly thought this guy liked me because he would always do the following: try to get my attention just to say hello, single me out from everyone else, ask personal questions, inquire my reasons for missing class to nearly an uncomfortable extent, sit next to me in class when he had a chance to talk even though his usual seat was two rows ahead of mine, pay attention only to me whenever we held a conversation, hold eye contact consistently, give compliments, positive body language, etc. I realize some of these may be applicable to both possibilities but since I didn't even like him at first I felt as though I was being fairly objective when I thought he had feelings for me.

Well, I recently found out he is now engaged and apparently has been dating her for a while. I don't want to think ill of him and suggest he could've been crushing on me while he was still dating her because it's possible they could've been on a break, but I really don't know. I am mostly curious because I feel like it will be so much harder for me to trust myself in the future when I think another guy may like me. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice. I am so confused!


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  • This sounds a lot like me. I am a shy person and when I find someone I like to talk to who is friendly I go out of my way to be nice to them because it is fun to hang out with them. This person might be the type who is introverted and likes to only focus on a few friends. I do this with many women and its because I am just because of my personality and not because of any feelings. However, Many men are different and have different ways of showing they like people.


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