Young women/girls, is baldness in a young guy a turn off?

Had thinning hair since 16 and it got really bad up top so I just shaved it down the the skin, so when I say baldness I mean full blown howie mandel skinhead. My head works good for it but I wonder what young women think. It always seems to be grouped with other usually unattractive qualities like being overweight or scarring etc. By young women and young guys who say they have experience with young women talking about a bald head. So I gotta ask (answer with cold hearted honesty) would you most likely choose the guy with hair? Is a bald young guy at a dating disadvantage when it comes to attraction? Is he seen as less attractive etc.
  • A bald head is no big deal if it's pulled off okay, it's not a deal breaker or turn off
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  • Couldn't get past no hair, not saying I hate it but I'd likely hold out for a guy with hair if a bald guy approached me
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  • Baldness is hugely unattractive and is for the vast majority of girls a deal breaker.
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  • Just want to see results
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  • My physical attraction stems from the guy's face, body, and arms rather than his hair. Having a full set of hair or balding or even graying at an early age is not a big deal and there are those out there that are actually attracted to some of those qualities in a man. For example, my sister, who is in her thirties, is attracted to men who have gray/white hair.


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  • I've seen some good looking young guys with bald heads.

  • It's no big deal. My SO has had the same issue since he was 16, as well.


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