If he doesn't ask questions in text then does he want me to leave him alone?

I met this guy who seemed nice through a friend at work... He comes in for drinks and he's cute and nice.
My friend at work told me that he asked about me and said I was hot... So I added him on fb and I sent him a hello message...

but his replies are a bit boring and I'm asking more questions than him... Plus the last message he sent was a statement, not a question... So should I leave him alone? Should I not reply?

Is is he not interested?


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  • Probably leave him alone if he comes back to message u he is interested hope that helps

  • When a guy is interested in you he will want to know everything about you.
    This guy is obviously not interested enough.
    Probably just finds you attractive or your friend was just messing with you to make you feel good about yourself.


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