How long before I should ask to meet someone I've met online?

I really don't like online chatting I much prefer face to face interaction. When is is it too soon. We've only been talking two days. I don't want to scare her off though she's really sweet 😊.
I'm completely chew to dating in general so all comments and advice are appreciated. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing lol 😅


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  • With some people there are steps I usually follow. Sometimes I talk to a person for months (texting, Skype, etc.) before I'll meet with them.

    Other times I'll just... do it. Typically all the people I've met from online have been female friends, though, so I haven't really had to take super cautionary measures.

    If I were meeting a dude (friend or otherwise), I would think I'd have to talk with him a couple weeks at least and have a basic understanding of who he is and where he comes from. Even like, an exchange of facebooks would be something preferred before meeting up.

    • What if he talked to you quite a bit and seeemed really interested in getting to know you. I just don't want either of us to create a false impression of the other then hurt the others feelings. This happened to my sister. She talked to a guy for a year they thought they loved each other then she didn't feel the same in person. I'm afraid of that happening to either of us. I don't want to hurt someone.

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    • I would suggest Skype before I'd suggest facebook so early on. I get that people used to just communicate with telephones back in the day... but people also didn't have the internet at their fingertips to use to search someone up using their said phone number.

      Technology advancement is a blessing and a curse. But basically, the way I'd do it is Skype > Facebook > phone number.

    • Sounds good I'll keep that in mind thanks 😁

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  • 2 days? are you kidding me? dude... at least wait for 6 months... come on... you don't wanna rush things. You will ruin everything. Don't even ask her number now. Wait for a month at least to ask her number.

    • Really? Not to long ago the only way to contact people was by telephone. I honestly prefer phone calls I don't like texting. But whatever makes her comfortable I guess.

    • yep... don't scare her away... go slowly.

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  • It's too soon. She doesn't know you at all, you could be anyone (even a rapist, sorry, no offence of course). Give her your phone number and talk to her on the phone first, maybe chat through Skype or something else. I'd want to talk a lot more before meeting you (like weeks) honestly, but that's just me. 2 days are surely not enough though.

    • But look at me I'm so non threatening lol. I get it. It just isn't the same but I understand.

    • Lol, no, you look like a good guy but a girl needs to be safe when dating online. I hope you understand how I see it.

    • Yeah totally. I just get excited when talking to someone. I rarely get people who respond so it's a nice change. I just do t like texting and stuff but I understand. I'll go at whatever pace makes them comfortable.

  • I wouldn't ask yet. There is no set amount of time, but you don't want to make her feel pressured. Personally, I would not meet a guy after two days of chatting and I would stop talking to him if he was pushy about it.

    • I would just ask. The last thing I'd want to do is make her feel uncomfortable.

  • Give her your phone number first


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  • Earlier the better, you dont want to waste time online if you dont click face to face.
    Good luck ma boy.

    • That's my thought on it I just don't want to make her uncomfortable lol I'll just ask the worst she'll say is to wait.

    • Exactly ^

  • Until you both understand each other it is too early other wise it is fine.


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