Is this relationship weird?

Me and my boyfriend of three years are both bi and we have an open relationship. He is more into guys so he would go on dates with guys. We see other people, it's never serious. People think its weird but this type of relationship works so far. Me and him have a strong emotional connection so its the reason why we are still together.


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  • It very well could be weird for other people, but you're not other people. You're you and your boyfriend is who he is. You two have a mutual agreement and enjoy one another; you get along well and are generally pretty happy, yes?

    If that's the case, then I envy you, because there are many "non-weird" couples constantly fighting and being miserable, so I say more power to you and your boyfriend. Enjoy your life while you have it.

    • Yeah we are happy together, right now it's a long distance relationship so we just Skype every night. I just get weird looks when I explain to people about my relationship with him.

  • I would say it´s pretty complicated. To be honest I don´t view any future in that relationship at least not a happy ever after one.

    • It's complicated, but I was the one that ask him to keep the relationship open. There's a little bit of jealously issue. But we reassure each other that no one is getting replace and if we happen to find someone we really like we let each other know. But so far I feel more connected to him.

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