Could You Evaluate this Blind Date?

My friend and I set this girl and this guy up that we thought might get along. They study engineering and they haven't had much luck in the dating scene. At the end of the date they both had a pleasant yet neutral tone when we asked how it went. They didn't really say much more. But they said they talked about a second date, and kind of gave off the impression they would give another date a shot. Are they just saying this to be polite to my friend and I who had high expectations that they would hit it off? They just tellin us what they think we'd want to hear? Thoughts?

how would you respond if your date went AMAZING?
if it went ok? If it went bad? Thoughts?


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  • I think I would respond truthfully whatever happened. In fact I know I would, because that's what I did when friends set me up so.

    Well done by the way for for doing this. It displays a special degree of consideration for others.


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