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Hello people,

So…sigh… I’m just looking for some advise on this issue that has been tormenting me lol, I like this girl in my home town, and want to ask her out but the problem is that I am in med school in California and she is in Ohio, I see her when I go back for a couple of weeks when I have free time. But I don’t know if I should ask he out and tell her I like her when I won't even be around most of the time to be with her, of coarse I will be home for good after a couple of semesters but I don’t know if she will be ok with this long period apart. Also the life of a med student is hectic and time consuming.

What do I doooooo!!!




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  • I think you might be better if strengthening your friendship for now and that way you still get to spend time together and get to know one another better but you're not putting yourselves in a really stressful situation where you're constantly worried about getting enough time for one another. Set yourself up for success. If she likes you as much as you like her the chemistry will stay alive in the relationship anyway.

  • Aren't you glad you live in the technological age? Simply ask her out and ask her if she doesn't mind being in a LDR with you. :)


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