When to say I love you in an exclusive- dating relationship, not officially bf & gf?

I've been dating this guy for about 4 months. We go to the same college and I'm graduating this year. We text all the time, hang out a lot, everything is great. Sure, we get in petty arguments but other than that everything is fine. We are exclusively dating, not boyfriend and girlfriend. He has commitment problems because of being dumped in his last relationship, says he "can't predict the future" etc. Anyway, I realized that I do love him, and i want to tell him but I think it will scare him off. Especially because he is afraid of commitment. The thing is, he has mentioned the word "love" around me. Our friends who were dating were saying i love you to eachother at a party, and he drunkenly joked and was like " I don't say that". and then other times at parties hed say "ohh no love for me" as if he wants me to make the move and tell him my feelings. He already knows I like him a lot. What do you think?


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  • I probably wouldt if I wasn't bf gf but then you guys have been dating exclusively for four months and your graduating anyway. probably better to be honest about your feelings. he is probably just scred of getting hurt and talks shit when drunk. I've said stupid anti love kinda stuff to my bf so made it awkward for him to say it to me but doesn't mean I don't want us to get to the stage im just scared of feelingsy type stuff. might help him if you say it firt he might come round


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