What do you do when a girl blows you off because she isn't ready to date or can't take anyone seriously right now due to past relationship?

hello everyone!

hopefully you guys can give me some insight but here are the details...
so I met this girl on an online dating site and we have been talking back and forth after exchanging digits. I learned that she just got out of a relationship of 6-7 years. We eventually met at a clubbing venue, where I brought my friends and she brought hers. She told me before that she was going to go to this specific club and I hinted/flirted I was going to see her so she knew. Once we met up Inside the club, we all meet and get drinks but all of sudden we got separated due to the large crowd. When my friends and I got drinks and went to the dance floor, I see her with some dudes dancing along with her friends. My friends and I eventually swoop in. Once the guy left, I tried talking to her, but she blew me off. This happened again as her friends blocked me off and went towards the front.

At at the end of the night, she texted me that she left. I joked around and told her I didn't know she had a bf. Of course she didn't. Eventually she confessed and said she thought i was cute and sweet but don't want to lead me on because she can't take anyone seriously and want to experience single life. She texted me again the next morning apologizing for blowing me off and that she didn't want to lead me on and hoping we can be friends.
Question is... What do I do now? I'm being friend zoned right? Should I still pursue lightly? Thanks in advance lol. I'm curious on what you guys have to say.


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  • You're being friendzoned, that's what I think personally. But give her a bit of space, don't stick around too much. Go do your own thing and don't worry about it!


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