Guys, is he really busy or is he stringing me along?

I started talking to this guy online and it was going so well! So we exchanged numbers and for about two weeks we texted, snapchatted and talked nonstop. Than he told me that his family was coming into the next week and we could meet when they left. He didn't talk to me the whole time his family was in town and the day we had agreed to meet up I texted half way through day and asked "did you forget something" and he's said "OMG I did! I'm so sorry I've had a crazy week!" Well Im kinda put off at this point. And he says "I know it doesn't seem like it but I really do want tower you and I think you are weighing this situation a little too heavy. You haven't even met me." so what's his deal? Why fight so hard with me to make sure I don't just stop talking to him and opt out of going on a date with him when it's also been quite difficult for him to find the time to meet? Is he stringing me along or does he actually want to meet me?
He works at the post office and goes to school if that helps anything. He only lives about 25 minutes away from me


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  • Give him more time, you're concluding very quickly.


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